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Reflective Insulation Prime-cell 40T

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Model name: Prime-cell 40T

Structure : AL Foil + PE Non woven Felt + Expanded PE Foam + AL Foil 
Width : 1.05M 
Length : 10M ~ 15M
Thickness : 20mm ,30mm, 40mm 

Characteristices ;

1)      Eco-friendly, Environment friendly and Well-buing Insulations and Radiant Barriers.

2)      Never use chemical bonding materials

3)      Reflectivity : 95~96%

4)      Reflective Insulation provides an efficient space saving and health method.

5)      Save Times and money

6)      Improves Insulation System performance.

7)      Non HCHO, TVOCs

8)      Lightweight and easy to handle.